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Choosing Your Consult Rate

We leave it up to you to decide what rate you would like to charge on the app. Below is what we tend to see from our users. You can always change your rate in your app by going to Settings > Billing & Payment > Consult Rate.

United States - We see providers charge anywhere from $30-$60 depending on their specialty and practice. 

South Africa - We see providers charge anywhere from 200-600 rand depending on their specialty and practice.

How to change your consult rate:

Settings > Billing & Payment > Consult Rate

When to Bill Your Patients

On Medici, you can bill your patient/client at anytime during a conversation. We recommend asking your patient/client "Have I answered your question?" before billing them. If your patient/client continues the conversation with a different issue, you have the ability and option to bill again. 

To end a consult and bill your patient/client, select the blue plus icon beside the chat box > Select End & Bill

When to Expect Payment in Your Account

First, verify your banking details are completed within the Billing section of your app. Stripe, our third party payment processor, will automatically deduct your patient's credit card and deposit consult funds in your bank account on file. If your banking details are incomplete, this will result in the funds not being directed to your account and instead being held by Stripe until banking details are completed.

United States: Payouts are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior" in the US.

KIV: Depending on your bank, there could be additional time added to when you receive funds


South Africa:  Payment is processed and deposited by Peach in your bank account each Friday, on a 7 day rolling basis. To find out which Friday to expect payment, add 7 days to the date when the consult was closed and the Friday of that week you can expect your funds to hit.

How To Set Up Your Bank Account Information

Setting up your bank account is easy. You have the option to link your bank account at registration, or by following the steps below after you've registered.

Medici's Referral Program

Check in your app settings inside "Invite Colleagues" to see the current referral bonus. Once the colleague you invited registers from your link and completes their first paid consult, you will receive the referral bonus for you to redeem along with your weekly Medici earnings. 

*This referral program only applies to your colleagues that are not already on Medici.

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