Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medici?

Medici is a mobile application that connects providers with their existing patients through secure text, call or video. Medici allows providers to care for their patient base from anywhere, and still get paid for their services. Medici is a great way to care for medication refill patients, pre/post op care, keep patients out of the emergency room, monitor patient/client progress, etc

How much does Medici Cost?

See   Payment Options

What if I don't have an NPI number?

You can still have a Medici account if you do not have an NPI number. Please select the option "No NPI" during registration.

Does Medici promote my practice/ clinic to patients outside of my existing patient base?

Medici is designed for providers to use with their existing patient base. However, if providers are interested in growing their practice/clinic and would like to obtain new patients, they can send a request to the Medici support team and support will discuss different options with the provider.

How do I get my existing patients on the app?

See Inviting Your Patients to Connect With You

Can my patients see my cell number or email address?

No. Your personal contact information will never be shared with patients. 

What if I don't always want to be available?

See Availability

Does Medici integrate with my medical record?

Not currently, but you can easily import your consults into your medical record. See Importing Consults into EHR

Does Medici have a desktop portal?

Yes, you are able to access our web app version here

What mobile devices is Medici compatible with?

Medici is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. If you are using an Android, you must be using version 5.0 or up to get Medici on your phone. Unfortunately, we do not support the Windows operating system at this time. 

Does Medici give me a 1099 at the end of the year for taxes? (US only)

Dependent upon the revenue generated on the app, Stripe (our 3rd party payment processor) will provide you with a 1099. See the Stripe website for more information on this topic.

Do you accept insurance? (US only) 

If you are already billing for telemedicine, you can continue to bill Medici consultations . Patients can also bill separately if they'd like. Currently we do not accept insurance, but this is on our road map. We've found lots of patients have high deductibles and are willing to pay out of pocket for quick and easy.

Do you accept medical aid? (South Africa only)

After a consult, the patient receives a receipt that includes payment amount, medical aid #, doctors practice #, ICD-10, and CPT code. The patient can submit this receipt for medical aid reimbursement.

What if my patients are Medicare? (US only)

If a high majority of your patients are Medicare, we recommend offering Medici as a "free service" to them since we are currently cash pay and/or HSA.

Can I see Medici's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Absolutely! You can find that within our Safety & Security section.

Why do I have to provide the last 4 digits of my SSN and DOB when linking my bank account? (US only)

The government has regulations in place that require Stripe (our 3rd party payment processor) to "Know Your Customer". You can read more about this here.

Why are payments failing when I try to bill?

You can read more about how to avoid this here.

Does Medici have a referral program?

Yes! Check in your app settings inside "Invite Colleagues" to see the current referral bonus. Once the colleague you invited completes their first paid consult, you will receive the referral bonus for you to redeem along with your weekly Medici earnings. 

*This referral program only applies to your colleagues that are not already on Medici.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by selecting "Forgot Password" as sign in. A password reset email will be sent to your email address you used to create your account. 

I'm not receiving message notifications, how do I turn them on?

For iOS users: Go to your phone settings, scroll down to Medici For Doctors, select Notifications, select Allow Notifications

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