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Get found on Google and Add Telemedicine to Your Profile

This article helps you set up or recover your Google My Business account and add a telemedicine link that takes patients searching for you online directly to you in the Medici app.  Learn more here

The logo and link below can be embedded in your website for your patients/clients to click the image and download the Medici app. Medici recommends you add the following text on your website, along with the logo and embedded link. Your activation code can be found in your app by going to Settings - Invite Patients.
"I am now available by text and video via the Medici app, download the app by selecting the image below and enter my activation code SAMPLECODE at registration."
Medici Logo (Instructions: Select link and save image to your desktop)  
To download patient app

Social Media

If you would like to let your patients/clients know on social media that you are available on the Medici App we recommend you follow the steps below:

1) Create post on your social media site of choice (Facebook, Instagram, etc). We recommend the following wording:

I am now available by text and video chat for questions via the Medici app, select the link below to download the app then enter my code <SAMPLECODE> at registration to connect with me. 

*please note your direct code can be found in your app by going to Settings > Invite Patients

2) Add link to patient app:

See image below for an example of a Facebook post, and links to a variety of digital assets you can use in your promotion.

Suggested Social Media Text

Here is some suggested text you can customize for your own social media promotion:

Need an appointment? I’m available on the Medici app.

Download it now and put in my code <SAMPLECODE> to talk to me today.

I’m available right now for virtual visits on the Medici app.

To help my patients who are social distancing, I’m making myself available on the Medici app. Download it now and put in code <SAMPLECODE> to have an appointment with me today.

I’m now doing virtual visits through the Medici app. Download it now and put in my code <SAMPLECODE> to get care now.

Our office may be closed, but we’re still treating patients. Download the Medici app and get the same care you’re used to—without leaving your house.

My office is closed but we’re still available for appointments & prescriptions on Medici. Download the app now and get care.

We want everyone to stay home and stay safe, so <Doctor Name> is now available for appointments on the Medici app.

Keeping you healthy is our highest priority. That’s why we’re now available on Medici. Get the app now and have an appointment today.

Suggested Email for Your Patients

Here is some suggested copy you can customize for email promotion to your patients. PLEASE NOTE: Anything  [BOLDED IN BRACKETS] is information that should be customized.

Email Subject: [PROVIDER or PRACTICE NAME] is available for virtual visits

We want to continue to care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. To respect your safety and the safety of those around you, we are offering virtual appointments. [PROVIDER OR PRACTICE] has chosen Medici to care for our [OR MY] patients from the comfort and safety of wherever they are.

1. Download the Medici Patient app for iOS or Android:

2. Complete your information to register in the app. 

3. Once you are in the app, go to the section titled "Connect with your doctor" and select "Add an activation code." 

To connect with me, you will enter the code [YOUR ACTIVATION CODE HERE]

5. You are ready to go! You can message me in the app. If you wish to schedule a virtual appointment [YOUR PROCESS HERE - For example, if you want them to call your office to set up an appointment or set it up through Medici messages].

If you need help with the Medici app, visit:

[Provider sign off]

How to prepare for your virtual visit (blog for your patients)

View the blog here:

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How to send pictures and videos

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Contacting Medici support

Digital Assets

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